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Woman trying to cope with Infertility, childlessness and Pregnancy Loss

Is grief and disappointment affecting your life?

Experience compassionate counselling for your reproductive grief and loss.

Explore your childless pathway forward. Swap your fear for freedom.

Grieve your miscarriage and failed IVF cycles.

Get freedom from your infertility triggers, anxiety and depressed mood.

Process your chronic illness losses; hysterectomy, endometriosis, adenomyosis.


What support do You need right now?

How does counselling work?

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A lived-experience counsellor, Anna has been on this journey too.

As someone who is childless after infertility, endometriosis and other circumstances of life. 

Read more about Anna

Online counselling for infertility and childless grief and loss


Counselling is completely online.

I'm currently taking client's from Australia and New Zealand. If you are further afield please get in touch.

Read more about locations.


Time that AP Counselling is available for Infertility and Childless Grief and loss counselling



9am, 10:45am, 1pm, 2:45pm AEST

Taking time off is hard.

I work after
hours to support you.

Schedule your own free 15-minute consultation appointment here.

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Talking to someone who understands this particular kind of grief and loss is very valuable.

Life is painful and hard to talk about sometimes.

Clearing the air and processing grief can set you free from the past and set you up for a hope-filled future.

You'll learn how to process the pain of grief.

Look forward to creating a more positive future.

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Strengths based approach.

Within the
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy framework.

Helping you work on what's important to you today.

Coming to terms with what's happened on your journey toward being a parent is hard.

It doesn't mean you have to be happy about it. 

I believe every individual has unique gifts and talents.

So I use a strengths-based approach.

And I'm a big fan of positive psychology

Read more about how everything works in the FAQ section.

How counselling helps

The benefits of grief counselling for infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy loss and childlessness


Find freedom from your fertility triggers

So many situations in life trigger our grief. Social media pregnancy announcements, invites to baby showers and shopping trips all trigger grief and anger.

Find relief from the thoughtless comments from people at work and at home.


Process your Grief and Loss with someone who understands

Feel supported as you work through losses that aren't often recognised by society, or even your closest friends. 

Your grief surrounding your losses is unique to you. Work through your anger, denial and acceptance in a safe space.


Heal damaged relationships

The grief journey around infertility and being childless can cause significant damage to relationships, friendships and family bonds. 

Learn helpful ways of communicating, useful tools for decision making and moving forward in a way that aligns with your values.

- Jackie, 40, NSW

"After my first session with Anna I had hope back, hope that I wouldn’t have to live in my grief anymore, that it wouldn’t be all consuming. Anna gave me hope that I would be able to heal and be able to respond to people without tears, without the pain."

About AP Counselling

Watch the welcome video below

"Women who work through their grief and loss can experience freedom from triggers, find new hope and a fulfilling pathway forward".
- Anna Pietrograzia, Australian Registered Counsellor

Learn more about Anna here.

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Lets keep in touch.

The grief you're experiencing and the journey you've been on is very unique and personal to you.


I'd love to stay in touch, like a friend in your inbox, both honouring your journey and looking forward to a more hope filled future. 

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​PS. If you can't find your email from me please have a look in your junk folder and set to primary or main inbox.

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"I'll walk beside you; helping you make peace with your losses, validate your grief and provide gentle considerations around moving toward a more hope filled future".
- Anna Pietrograzia, Australian Registered Counsellor

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